SPOTMYUV PRO+ SUN SENSOR is the world’s first clinically proven, UV Detection Sensor system with patented Dermatrue® skin mimicking technology that precisely indicates when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. SPOTMYUV PRO+ is the future of sun safety, with one simple step that clearly indicates personal UV exposure. SPOTMYUV PRO+ Sun Sensors are a groundbreaking innovation, a true advancement in the sun safety, skincare, and health care categories. PRO+ Cleanse Wipes compliment SPOTMYUV PRO+ by gently helping to remove residual lotions or dead skin cells, helping to ensure all-day adhesion.


SPOTMYUV PRO+ Sun Sensors clearly indicate the effectiveness of different SPF levels, sunscreen amounts and formulas so that users can accurately assess their own risk and make sun-safe decisions about their sun and skin care. The mission of SPOTMYUV PRO+ is to increase awareness and to educate about the dangers of UVA & UVB sun exposure, and to change people’s sun safety behaviors when outdoors. SPOTMYUV PRO+ technology has won over 50 prestigious awards, including the Dyson award, Buffalo’s 43North Prize and grants from Johnson and Johnson.


Each Sun Sensor is an engineered matrix of three unique materials, layered to clearly indicate personalized and accurate levels of UV exposure.

  • The first layer is the patented skin mimicking technology, Dermatrue® . Dermatrue® is engineered to absorb and release sunscreen at the same rate as natural skin.

  • The second layer is an ultraviolet (UVA/UVB) sensing material, scientifically proven to turn purple with exposure to UV light. When sufficient SPF sunscreen is applied and absorbed by the Dermatrue® layer, the sensor becomes transparent. The Sensor cycles back to purple once sunscreen wears off and it’s time to reapply.

  • The third layer is a hypoallergenic, water resistant, non-irritating adhesive that helps to keep the SPOTMYUV PRO+ Sun Sensor firmly on the skin.

*When the SPOTMYUV PRO+ Sun Sensor is any shade of purple, damaging UV radiation sunlight is detected. The speed of the color change is directly related to the amount of UV light exposure. Therefore, even on a cloudy day, there is enough UV light present to gradually transition the sensor to purple.

PRO+ Cleanse Wipes are designed to improve the adhesion of SPOTMYUV PRO+ Sun Sensors by gently removing residual lotions and dead skin cells before sensor application. They are:

• Hypoallergenic - fragrance, paraben and alcohol-free

• Made with natural ingredients - chamomile, cucumber and aloe extracts. 

• Soft honeycomb textured wipe made with biodegradable materials.

• Cleanse wipes once dry does not leave a residue on the skin.

  • • SPOT, when paired with effective sunscreen, is clinically proven safe and effective

    • Visually identifies UVA/UVB exposure for a personalized reminder to reapply sunscreen

    • Patented Dermatrue Skin Mimicking Technology absorbs and releases sunscreen at the same rate as natural skin.

    • Using PRO+ Cleanse Wipes in the application phase of SPOTMYUV PRO+ helps remove residual lotions or dead skin cells , helps ensure all day adhesion

    • Hypoallergenic Medical Grade Adhesive is latex and paraben free

  • • Dermatologist & Paeditrician Tested

    • Water and Sweat Resistant - swimmable

    • Works with all skin types and tones

    • Works with a broad variety of sunscreens

    • Works up to 12 hours or 7 reapplications

    • Suitable for ages 3+

    • Invented in Canada and Made in the USA

    • Works well with professional mineral and chemical grade sunscreen

  • • Our studies show wearers will use 3 times more sunscreen when prompted with the visual feedback from SPOTMYUV PRO+ Sun Sensors.

    • Provides a personalized reminder of UV exposure, improving sunscreen use compliance.

    • Hypoallergenic PRO + wipes improve adhesion of SPOTMYUV PRO+ Sun Sensors and maximizes wearability throughout day with reapplication of sunscreen.

  • • Device free SPOT is classified by Health Canada as a consumer product and meets consumer product specifications in the USA.

    • The PRO+ packaging system is designed to add patient value by protecting the light-sensitive product with a waterproof pouch inside. 


START with a PRO+ CLEANING WIPE. Select sun-exposed skin for sensor placement. Use a wipe; make sure the area is oil or lotion-free. Let dry.


1- Peel the Sensor off the backing using tab and place the Sensor, sun-exposed skin (Avoid touching adhesive)

2- Pull the tab away and press firmly on the Sensor to ensure good adhesion

3- Apply sunscreen over the Sensor, let it absorb

4- Apply sunscreen to all sun-exposed skin following the manufacturer’s directions

5- When sunscreen protection is effective, the Sensor will gradually turn to clear

6- Use the Sun Sensor UV Exposure diagram to assess your protection

7- Enjoy the sun and reapply sunscreen when the Sensor turns purple again

*If the sensor is not transparent when exposed to UV outdoor sun: Use a higher SPF sunscreen, apply more sunscreen, or check the expiry date of your sunscreen

** Sun sensors do not work indoors.